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Register court: Sąd Rejonowy
Katowice-Wschód w Katowicach,
Wydział VIII Gospodarczy
KRS No. KRS: 0000287965,
VAT No.: 634-264-13-89,
Initial capital: 2.050.000 PLN,
Invested capital: 2.050.000 PLN


Company profile


LIMATHERM Components is a remarkable company specializing in the production of die-cast aluminum connection heads for thermocouples and instrument housings. Historically, the company derives from Limatherm, which for years had been the European leader in the field of temperature, connection heads, terminal blocks, instrument housings and boxes made of aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and plastic, thereby inheriting its 43-year experience in technology. The highlight products are explosion-proof connection heads and housings with international certificates, among others ATEX, FM, CSA, IEC.

In Limatherm Components, as a standard procedure, our large R&D team assist customers in developing a product. Our facility consists of a tool shop, production and product assembly lines

We are proud of our quick delivery service, high technical standards and outstanding quality, which are appreciated and highly valued by our customers worldwide. We deliver to more than a thousand customers, both domestic and foreign, among them the biggest companies in the field of measurement and control in the world, such as ABB, E+H, Emerson, Foxboro, Jumo, Wika etc.We ship to countries all over the world, and, although our market concentrates in Europe and North America, our products are also valued in countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, Egypt, Korea etc.

The ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate, which is valid until 2021, proves the highest quality of our products. Their constant improvement according to binding standards and regulations results in modern designs and best services.


Limatherm Components, employing 240 people, is the European leader in the field of the production of die-cast aluminum connection heads and various components for thermocouples, constantly enlarging its portfolio of products and sales. Each year we find new customers all over the world who appreciate the quality of our products. Therefore, the turnover of Limatherm Components has been steadily increasing within last two years, in 2010 reaching the level of EUR 3.5 M. As a result, two years ago a company headquarter was moved to Chorzów as well as a larger, modern production line was set with a number of new, state-of-the-art machines bought to speed up and improve the manufacturing process, thus contributing to our position as one of the most effective manufacturers in the field.

Yet another advantage of Limatherm Components is a modern computer system allowing us to directly super- vise the production and distribution processes at all stages, and at the same time, precisely control the quality of our products.


Limatherm Components takes die-castings from Limatherm’s modern production line. Currently, the factory is equipped with cold chamber die-casting machines with the closing force from 150 to 660 tones allowing for the production of casts up to 8 kg. The machines are equipped with a temperature stabilizer for pressure die-casting, automatic die-spraying and piston powder lubrication. The combination of new automatic processes based on fast stackers allows us to achieve the highest quality of castings.

During the production process our products undergo various stages of treatment, depending on our clients’ needs. Limatherm disposes a large number of specialized machines, among others used for milling, grinding, turning, abrasive treatment, surface treatment, vibratory operation, chemical operation, chemical surface treatment, oxylan treatment (non-hexavalent chromium), washing and painting (both wet and powder) with different types of paint.


We consider such values as a high quality, timekeeping and servicing to be the key factors of our policy towards our clients. Our objective is to manufacture products and render services of the highest engineering and technological level in order to fulfill all the expectations of our clients.


As a standard procedure our products undergo a number of stages of surface preparation before painting such as vibratory finishing, cleaning and oxylan treatment. Later on they are painted in one of Limatherm’s paint shops (wet and powder painting). We use both polyester and epoxy powders, which ensures the highest quality of painted surfaces.

The key application of the extra-resistive, flameproof aluminum heads is to safely enclose electric equipment to be a part of temperature probes in areas of highly unfavorable atmospheric conditions. Many heads and housings currently available on the market are subject to corrosion and chalking, which make them loose their properties after only 2 - 3 years of exposition to humid, salty atmosphere. Therefore, Limatherm has developed a painting system that maintains their exceptional properties for extensive periods of time, even up to 15 years. Our painting consists of two layers. The 1st layer of epoxy powder paint gives a very high gloss and smoothness with an excellent adhesion, flexibility and chemical resistance. A film integrity on exterior exposure is excellent. The 2nd layer of polyurethane powder provides good all-round physical and chemical properties as well as a good exterior durability.


We also help our customers to create their own custom-made designs and manufacture tools as well as final products according to their specifications.


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