Cal availability problem

Due to some environmental problems, we're currently having some issues with Cal paint availability...

This issue is caused by the ecology/environmental requirements. As you may know, Cal is a Creodur spray-type paint, which is generating a lot of unwanted waste and is harmful to the environment, this is why our suppliers are slowly trying to remove it from their offer. Our solution is to find a substitute in powder polyester paint, which will have similar general features as Cal with the closest possible silver shade. That's why we're now implementing a new symbol in our production "Pwa" which will permanently replace Cal.
Pwa is described as RAL9006;
Made according to EN ISO 2813 (60°) with smooth and textured finishes
You can find some comparison photos below.
Please note that this change will be permanent in case of standard executions. We're still able to produce our heads in Cal as long as we have this paint in stock, but this change is inevitable, so early agreement on that change will prevent you from problems in the future, where Cal will be available, but only on special customer request, so probably with the higher price.
Thank you for your understanding and in case of any remarks or questions, do not hesitate to contact us: