Custom products

As a company that holds all the required tools to give our customers what they need with the highest quality,
we’re introducing a product customization system.

Besides all the products you can find in our catalogue we’re able to change our products
for your requirements or produce components specialized to your needs.

Many customers now implemented new, personalized products using our knowledge and passion to meet their desires.
Why not add you to this list?

Do you have any special projects that require innovative components, enclosures or others?
Contact us  for more info and we’ll prepare a design just for your needs.

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1.Machines park

In our machines park you can find some CNC’s:

• Fanuc Robodrill – 4-axis, vertical machining centers with abilities to mill the elements with maximum dimensions of 700 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm, threads milling, precise boring, also the 4th axis is implemented by high accuracy direct drive. Tool change takes only 0,7 s. This machine allows us to achieve the highest quality thanks to the CNC solutions as:
- Nano interpolation,
- Quick and precise 3D machining,
- Edge processing control using AI.



• Numerical turning machines with live tools, its abilities reaches to the maximum wire diameter of 65 mm, a maximum turning diameter of 300 mm and maximum length – 510 mm.


• semi-automatic machines:
- Tappers,
- Drillers.


• Dedicated machines to produce MA/MAA and BA connection heads for large series production.

• Specialized washing devices.

• Manual turning machines.



Using the mentioned tools, here in Limatherm Components, we’re able to fulfill the production out of nearly every possible material, with every thread that exists, finishing the surface and the shape of the component with high accuracy of 0,004 mm.
Additionally, we’re able to guarantee an extra anti-corrosion safety for all the products by chromating process (Cr6+, Cr3+), galvanizing, anodizing and spray or powder painting – also in special paint coating classes.

2. Customization card

At the beginning of our career, Limatherm implemented Customization cards for customized products to control every process and every change that is included in a product. Such solution gives us guarantee that the product will be produced according to your requirements. Those documents are fully editable and personalized for each customer profile. It includes all the customer comments, remarks and drawings. Symbol of it is simple and is always presented next to the product code you order (KU xx/yy):
- xx – number of the Customization card,
- yy – a year of introduction.

3. Customized examples